Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Tragic Death in our Village

Everyone Please pray!!! We just lost another young girl today! We took her to the hospital clinic yesterday and because they were having a village party the clinic was closed. So today Donald took her back to the hospital to Saint Mark and she was too low, and she died! My GOD, MY GOD!!! Please hear our cry to help us be able to do more to save these peoples lives!! This young girl was only 12 and she lost her life she was very weak and poor. You could see her ribs and bones everywhere. It shouldn't be, this shouldn't be. surely the Lord is going to help us to be more on top of things and be able to help more people quicker before this happens again, God Please direct us in your path so we can not have this happen again!!! Please pray that we're able to do our part in helping this awful situation.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Handing out the Kid's Against Hunger food

Today we were able to pass out some of the Kids Against Hunger food that we just received from the shipment that the US Navy brought us Monday. God was faithful once again to provide what we were in need of just in time. A man came to us today who has an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. He has 150 orphans and school is getting ready to begin and he will be feeding even more children! Praise God we just got that shipment of food in and we were able to help him feed his orphans for one month. We are so grateful for the Kids Against Hunger food that helps provide nourishment and nutrition for so many children who so desperately need it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Books

I think it’s safe to say that every school in America has school books and every child gets one whether they purchase them or loan them. School books are vital to learning and education. You use them in almost every class. Well here in Haiti school books are a privilege that most students aren’t able to partake in. Most schools don’t provide books and it’s up to you to travel to the market to find them for yourself. They are expensive and many families can’t afford purchasing them for their children. Even if you have enough money for books, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find the book you’re looking for. There aren’t really bookstores for students to go to. You go to the market and dig through all kinds of old books lying around in a pile, hoping you’ll find the one you need in decent condition. Many end up going through school without them. Imagine having to study or do homework without your book. Due to the earthquake students were in school an extended length of time and only had a short break. It is now time to begin again on Monday, October 4th. Today Lifeline was able to get enough books so each child in our school can loan for the year. We traveled to Port-au-Prince to get them from a book dealer and came home with about ten boxes full of books for preschool through the sixth grade for the Lifeline La Digue School and the Lifeline Barbancourt School. We know that our students will greatly appreciate this privilege of having books!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Operation Handclasp and Kids Against Hunger

Today we are so grateful for the U.S. Navy’s humanitarian aid program called Operation Handclasp.

The HSV-2 SWIFT naval ship docked in Port-au-Prince today full of food and supplies for five different missions here in Haiti, including Children’s International Lifeline.

The food was provided by Kids Against Hunger out of Minnesota and Operation Handclasp arranged getting it all here. We arrived early, excited to be a part of such a great event. We traveled around Port at first making sure we had all the proper paperwork in line to get through customs. Once we had that all in line we waited until it was our turn to have our pallets unloaded off the ship. While we were waiting we were cordially invited aboard for a tour.

It was such a sight to see the 98 meter long ship. While on the tour, we found out the ship crew wasn’t only the Navy. It also included the Army, the Marines, the Air Force, and also civilian workers. We were also told that this deployment held the largest amount of help aid since the history of the HSV-2 SWIFT. What a blessing it was to join hands with the US Military to help provide food and help for the people of Haiti and to be a part of them making history for humanitarian aid.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update on the storm

We just wanted to give you an update on the blog written yesterday about the flash tropical storm that hit Port-au-Prince. We have now been made aware that five earthquake survivors living in a tent city were killed in yesterday's storm. Please keep these precious people in your prayers!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Tragedy Strikes Port-au-Prince

You never know what is going to happen from moment to moment anywhere, especially in Haiti. Today started off like any normal beautiful, sunny day. We traveled to Port-au-Prince to take care of some business affairs, meeting with some important people about donating an ambulance and a fire engine to the police department. We arrived at our last meeting of the day looking forward to making a new contact with someone involved in the Haitian government. It was very hot and humid throughout the day so we were grateful to sit in an air conditioned office, even though the building was under construction. As our meeting progressed and we were having conversation with this important gentleman we noticed it started to get very dark outside, but thought nothing of it because it was getting along in the evening. Soon after that there were large gusts of winds that became very strong as they rattled the windows that we were sitting next to and soon the rains began to beat upon the window as well. Then in a matter of minutes, we gazed out the window and the gentleman said I believe this is a hurricane. In a moments notice, a large tower antenna came crashing down on a car right outside the window seeming looking as if it was going to come through window, bursting the window out of the car.

Due to the earthquake tragedy that we just experienced, everyone was on high alert and jumped up out of their seats to run out of the building. Patricia Curtis even said, “We need to get out of this building now!!” As the rain started leaking inside the building, with the gusts of winds, we stood close to the door, not sure whether we were safer inside or out, and not sure what our next step should be. The wind continued as the rain ferociously pounded down and the lightning lit up the darkened sky. Trees all over the area came down along with big signs, causing traffic to be even worse then a normal Port-au-Prince traffic jam. People were rushing to get a tap-tap, looking for a way to escape the chaos.

Eventually the rains and the wind started calming down, although it continued to drizzle. As we drove away, praising God for our safety, we saw that the streets were flooded and trees were down everywhere.

We saw many tents torn apart and destroyed. The streets earlier in the day had been filled with marketing supplies and after driving through that area we’re sure much damage was caused to their merchandise. We had planned to buy school books and we were so thankful that we didn’t already have them in the back of the truck because they would have been destroyed. All we can say at the end of this day is praise God for safety and for watching over us and allowing us to return back to the mission safe.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Walley

Today we were able to see a miracle right in front of our eyes. Baby Walley first came to us weighing barely 3 ½ pounds. His mother was very sick when she was pregnant and had an emergency c-section at on only 6 ½ months. This precious child barely survived. His aunt brought him to us asking for help so that her nephew could live. This is what he looked like when he first came to us. The pictures were taken a few days apart.

We were able to help Walley with food so he could grow to be strong. They came back monthly to receive help and little by little he has recovered and has gained strength. Today Walley and his aunt came back to us and precious Walley weighed in at 11 pounds 5 ounces!!

He looks like a completely different child!! Praise God for the donors who supplied us with a vital necessity here in Haiti, baby formula, so little babies like Walley have a fighting chance at life in this tough world.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barbancourt wins 3-1!

Our soccer tournament has grown into a large community event. Everyone in the surrounding area is now attending Lifeline to watch the games. They all show up in their best clothes to have a good time. Tonight we had more people in our gates then ever before.

As the adults enjoy the game, we are blessed to have a nice playground for the little ones to play and enjoy each other as well.

The leaders of the tournament try to make it as formal as they can so we have an MC announcing the game, giving everyone a play by play commentary.

They also play certain songs when a team scores a goal and we all jump up and down in excitement! It was another thrilling game tonight as Barbancourt beat Nanroch three to one. When the game was through, everyone walked out of the gate cordially and discussed all the plays and of course the big win for Barbancourt. We’re so blessed to have this area inside Lifeline where the people can meet with their friends and have a great time!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's the little things!

This evening we went to get sponsorship info for a little girl. One thing we take note of is their current weight. After we weighed the little girl tons of people surrounding us, adults and children alike, wanted their chance to get on the scales to weigh themselves. In America many of us avoid being weighed at all costs! It was neat to step back and watch some of the people be amazed at seeing what they weighed. It was their first time no doubt. Some things that we take for granted are exciting to learn about in countries such as this. Who would have known that such a simple thing would bring such pleasure!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Football Tournament

Tonight we had game one of our football (soccer) tournament here at Lifeline. The first game was played by our village, La Digue... ...verses Sowat.

It was a close exciting game. Just like last time, many people came to cheer on their favorite team. The game ran out of time with a score of 2-2. These teams will play again on Tuesday and the victor will go on to play in the next round of the tournament.

We made new goals out of PVC pipe and they now make the field a little more official looking. We’re so grateful for all the hard work that went into making the soccer field. It serves for many purposes such as this tournament. Praise God for a soccer field that brings the community together and allows the Haitian people to experience an evening of joy opposed to all the pain and suffering they’ve been through.

Friday, September 17, 2010

15 Day Old Baby in Need

This may sound familiar, but last night we had yet another baby in need come to us from the mountain. She was only 15 days old. Her mother had died shortly after delivery. Her grandmother had brought her to us and had only been feeding her sugar water because that’s all she had to give her.

Needless to say the baby was crying in need of something to eat. We quickly retrieved a baby bottle and prepared baby formula to give her. She only drank about two ounces in all but that’s all her tiny stomach could handle and drifted off to sleep, seemingly comforted by the nutrition that she had been lacking in. Praise God for the people who are preparing the infant love bundles because that’s what we used to help this tiny, malnourished baby.

We are following up with this baby on Monday having Dr. Yves, our Lifeline doctor, examine her. Because of the size and the condition of this baby, we are trying to get the grandmother to wait at least one month before going back to the mountain so that we can monitor her health condition and get her well again. God is so faithful in allowing us to help these dear people in need when they have no place else to turn.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Desparate Need for a Warehouse!

TODAY I PRESENT A PARTICULARLY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO PARTNER IN THE MINISTRY OF LIFELINE MISSION. But before I get to that, let me take a few moments to review the events of the recent past that have led to our current circumstances. Of course, January 12, 2010 is now a day that is well known to much of the world, however, this is the day that all Haitians will hold in infamy for the rest of their lives. The devastation of the earthquake and subsequent catastrophes fell upon what is already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Living in Haiti since January 5, 2010, I was here when the very ground beneath our feet began to shift and shake as a powerful primal force surged beneath us. Amid the aftermath, emergency aircraft were evacuating many who were citizens of countries outside Haiti. My husband and I chose to remain in Haiti instead of leaving. In these tragic circumstances, the people needed help, someone to stay and continue the work that was now of even greater importance and magnitude. We made our way with some of the most seriously injured to Port Au Prince and a make-shift helicopter pad where they were flown to a Navy ship for amputations and other desperately needed procedures. Sadly, a great number never lived to receive care – the loss of life was staggering. Catastrophe is no respecter of persons. Even Haitian families that once had businesses and homes are now struggling to survive, living in tents, no facilities of any sort afforded them. Many, who had the privilege of holding a job and thus, a means for provision, are now on the streets, literally begging for food and water. I have now heard that the President here has stated that assistance is no longer needed. As a result, the many troops that were present initially have been removed. The media is no longer covering the special needs of Haiti because people in the US, as well as others capable of aide, are no longer interested in hearing or helping. Oh, how this saddens my heart! We are here in the midst of the overwhelming problems. We witness first-hand the great need - greater now than ever before. With the on-going struggle vivid in our hearts and minds, I am offering this plea for your immediate and continued help and support. By the provision of the Lord as He works through Lifeline, we are striving to serve greater numbers in many more areas - more orphanages, more schools, more from the mountain, more hurting and otherwise helpless people than ever before. We have been blessed through some very special people by varied donations: beans and rice, Kids Against Hunger meals, funding for the rebuilding of homes, love bundles, and many other items. I personally want you to know what a positive difference these have made, and with great gratitude we want to assure you that the multiplicity of needs that have been met would not have done so without your generosity. Please allow me to present one more urgent plea: WE DESPERATELY NEED A NEW WAREHOUSE! The Lifeline School is scheduled to begin next month. We are adding two classes - we will now have Preschool through the tenth grade. Though this is a thrilling opportunity, it presents a problem because we need the use of all of our classrooms and we are currently forced to use two of them for medical supplies.
Our storage rooms are being utilized for the canteen food that is cooked here for the school as well as the cooked food that is sent out to neighboring schools and orphanages, and to store love bundles and sewing materials for our trade school.

OUR CRY IS FOR A NEW WAREHOUSE IN WHICH THE FOODS LIKE RICE AND BEANS AND THE KIDS AGAINST HUNGER MEALS CAN BE STORED. This valuable nutrition is shared across Haiti with many children that would otherwise be starving. In faith, we have begun to build, here is our foundation! Now I earnestly request your participation and partnership. Will you please help provide the funds to continue with the blocks, cement, sand, roofing, and doors that can transform this foundation into a warehouse?
Our prayer is that God richly bless each of you, our friends and fellow laborers. And to each that is able to contribute at this critical time – know that the Lord has worked through you to be an important part of the solution for the people of Haiti.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beautiful Children

Tonight as we drove through the village going to check on sick people, a new baby, and people who had just come back from the hospital, we were stopped every so often by the children just wanting to say hi to us. They love it when we stop and chat with them, even if we don't speak the same language. The language of joy and laughter is universal! It brings such happiness to us to spend time with the children, laughing with them. We wanted to share that joy so here are some pictures we took this evening. We hope the children bring a smile to your face as well!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Praise Report

When the eleven-month-old beautiful twins first came to us they were lifeless. They both had been having diarrhea for close to a month. They were severely malnourished and in need of immediate medical attention. We took them to the hospital for help. Now they are doing much better! We went to check on them tonight and they look like different babies! They still are in need of much help but Praise God for improvement. Recovery of sickness is much more difficult here due to bad water and lack of proper medical attention. Keep these precious babies in your prayers as they continue to improve!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Madam Jean

Last night we rushed off to the hospital yet again. Madam Jean, the woman we just took to St. Marc that had typhoid fever, was very sick yet again. Her fever was burning out of control and needed immediate medical attention. This time we rushed her to Port-au-Prince where they ran some more tests and kept her overnight to monitor her. Please keep her in your prayers! We want to give you good reports of people being healed from their illnesses and Lord-willing we will soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Hospital Runs

Today we spent most of the day going to hospitals once again. This morning we took two people to the hospital in St. Marc. We took a four year old little girl who was supposed to have surgery on her rectum. They told us the surgeon wasn't there and to come back next week. This has happened time and time again with her. Please pray for the little girl as she desperately needs this surgery. We also took a woman who had been very sick. After they ran some tests they discovered she had typhoid fever. The bacteria that causes typhoid can come from contaminated water. Here in the village many people drink water straight out of the canal because they don't have money to purchase filtered water. It's a big problem and many are getting sick. Tonight we took a woman to Port to go to the hospital because she had been having severe abdominal pain and bleeding. The hospital we took her to was a new one to us. They had a bunch of different large canvas safari tents sent up all over their compound.
It was very organized and ran well. We will find out soon what was causing her illness. Please pray for our village as we've been having much sickness and we want to see the people well again!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Baby

Today a new baby was born to our village. He weighed in at a little over nine pounds, which is unheard of here.
Most Haitian babies are very small when they’re born. He was the first child for his mother and father. The delivery took place at their home and after the mother didn’t stop bleeding they were brought to our clinic. The mother was also having abnormal abdominal pain and needed to be rushed to the hospital to see what the problem was. Please keep her and the new baby in your prayers!