Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Childrens Lifeline Experience

Haiti has been calling my name for 16 years. I was here in 1995-1996 with the U.S. Army serving with the United Nations. During my stay I was moved by the needs of the people and the children. I wanted to be able to reach out to them and serve in some way. Life continued back in the States but I never forgot the desire to serve Haiti. I never forgot the people or God's voice in my heart and spirit.

I met Arnold Lemke on my first visit to his church and that day he asked me to come to the mission. Of course I was overwhelmed with the awe of God's plan for me to return. I had no idea what to expect but my heart was full of excitement and joy. Everyone I met along the way seemed like family. My heart was filled with hope and anticipation as we arrived at the mission but what I received was more than I had ever imagined. I came to find a place to serve and I found a place to not only serve but served me. My spirit has been filled with the fountain of life. My heart again has been filled with the love for the people. I searched for purpose and meaning and I found it.

I came as a nurse to work in the clinic. Knowing Haiti from my last visit, I had a realistic expectation of what I might find. I had no idea I would find a place where even though the resources are few, the hearts are great. The love of God is strong in this place. His presence is known here. He is healing the sick, providing for their needs, and spreading His word through the people who are here. Your stay will be filled with the love of God, the knowledge of the mission, and a place for you to bring your gifts. To bring what God has called you to bring. To give what God has called you to give. The needs are great but the Provider is greater. The resources are scarce but the needs are being met. I have come to give and received far more. Not in things but in experiences. Not in expectations but in love. The more you give, the more you receive. Sometimes there is more to receive in the midst of nothing than there is in the midst of everything. Where there is pain there is healing, where there is heartbreak there is love. I'm in love with the people of Haiti and Children's Lifeline. If you come, I pray you will see what I see and bring what God has called you to bring. Listen to your heart and hear His voice. Move with compassion to meet the needs. Be renewed in your spirit that God is real and His love is great. He is the great provider for not only our needs but their needs. He uses us and I want to be used. I pray He can use you too! May God lead you. May He use you. May He provide for their needs through you. May He make it known through our expereinces to go out into the world and share His work here. To encourage others to meet the needs as God directs us. Enjoy your trip and let God lead. God bless you and the people of Children's Lifeline.
In God's love,
Dana Jenkins RN, BSN