Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Janelle Cude post

Today is day six of our mission trip. Today we worked with a team from Michigan to set up a health clinic at a tent city about 55 minutes from La Digue. There were five doctors and several nurses. I was honored to work with a Pediatric Cardiologist. The line to see a doctor was long and hot, as all age groups waited to see a doctor. We saw a whole family at a time and addressed individual needs from there. All of the people, had the complaint of belly pain and lack of appetite. Some were visably dehydrated. A fresh water supply had arrived today for them. The people were quiet, meek, and humble. They were grateful for assistance. The children were all well behaved and well managed by their mothers. You could tell all the children were loved and well taken care of by their mothers.

We saw a critical 3 month old. My first reaction, was that this baby was dying. It was transfered to a hospital for evaluation. The mother explained that she had lost two children in the earthquake and her husband. She had no means of support to feed her family. My heart ached for her. This is just one story, and will be engrafted in my memory forever. I have been a nurse for 34 years, and this is without a doubt the most memorable day of my career. I thank God for allowing me to experience this day.

The children in La Digue that I have cared for since arrival are all doing great today!!!

Janelle Cude

Brian Williams Blog

I came on this mission trip to be a blessing but I'm the one being blessed. By Lifeline, the Haitians, and my mission group. Words or pictures can not describe the conditions these people are faced with. In spite of all the hardship the people are very strong and resourceful. They do not complain and do what ever it takes to try to survive, but that's not enough. Thank God for Lifeline and their vision . Without them the people couldn't survive. They feed over 3,000 people daily and are helping rebuild their community. Most importantly they are spreading God's love and Word.The Haitian people showed me something. I've been humbled because they have a real passion and hunger for the Lord that we have lost in America.

Austin Monnett blog

It's the end of day 3 on our mission trip right now, and so far I can't complain about anything. We have helped out alot of people by passing out food and tents to them. You tend to forget how good you have it back in the US, and the more time I spend down here the more I am starting to realize it.. I would encourage anyone to come down here without question. It's an experiance of a lifetime.. The mission itself is amazing, and more than you could ever expect in a third world country. Its safe, clean, and beyond expectations.. One thing I've noticed the most is the drive people have here, i mean they are surviving with hardly anything. I cant imagine having to live in the conditions they do everyday. From the time the sun rises to the time it sets, its an act of survival.. So next time you complain about the dinner your having that night, or when you go out to eat and complain about the service or the food itself. Just try to imagine what the haitians would give for the meal you dont like.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A day in Haiti by a mission team member

We had an awesome day. We visited an orphanage that had 30 kids and they have one meal a day. There were toddlers to early teens. Before Lifeline got involved with the orphanage, the children were eating once every three days if then. The Pastor who runs the little mission just has a tremendous love for these precious little souls. The Pastor had taught the children to sing Happy Birthday to new words, We Welcome You. It was a very special time.

We then went to a small tent city that had no tents but shelter made of whatever they could find that had a lot of holes in them. We put up 16 tents we brought in our suit cases and we gave away thousands of meals. The faces and eyes were hard to see. We are going back to the same place on Monday, to give out more food and also to go with a medical team and we will give them the gospel. TV or newspapers could not show how it really poor the living conditions are. I will never forget this experience.

Ken Cude

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What an Amazing Sunday!

We just had a terrific trip to Haiti! There was a team from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky at the Lifeline Mission and we experienced so many wonderful things. God used us to reach out with the gospel in many different ways. We poured concrete, painted school classrooms, handed out love bundles, helped feed children, and held children's hands.

The Lord touched our hearts especially on Sunday when part of the team took a very long walk up a mountain to attend church in Petit Bwa. The amazing thing happened on the way back down the mountain. We passed a voodoo witch doctor's house and I was compelled to speak to him.

When I approached his door he was sitting in a rocking chair almost like he was waiting on me to arrive. I greeted him with a simple "Bonjour" and he returned that greeting. I had Mark a young man from our village translating for me and asked his name. He said his name was Aperson. He then said, "You need to pray for me. You are a Christian and you need to pray for me." This man as far as I knew had never met me but he knew I was there to witness to him. He stated that he wanted to go to church and couldn't because he had practiced voodoo since he was a very little boy. What a sad and disturbing thought. We talked for a while and I began explaining that he could break the power of the voodoo because God can do anything! It ended with him saying "Maybe tomorrow!" Oh how sad! I wonder how many times those words have been spoken and how many souls will be lost because they count on tomorrow?
After we returned back to the mission the part of the team that stayed had some remarkable news! One of the voodoo priests in the village was saved that morning! God planted seeds in one of the men's hearts and converted another one! What a powerful Sunday! What an amazing God! I love serving the Lord!