Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For the Love of the Sport!

The rainy season has begun! Though we are beginning to get rain almost daily now, it is still only for short periods at a time. The time it takes to have a soccer practice for instance. 

Just after Monday night practice started, the rain began.  You could hear the sound of the large drops pounding into the dust before they even reached the field.  The ground was so very dry, that even as the water continued to pour from the sky there was still no mud.  The dust soaked up the water quickly as the players continued with their practice, undaunted by the showers that were upon them. 

Even the youth that were having a side game on the basketball court continued, their passion for the sport of soccer could not be drown by the spring rain.  If you have ever been on a trip to Haiti and given your sponsored child a soccer ball then you have seen already the delight that the Haitians have for this sport.  We are happy that Lifeline can provide the facilities for La Digue to demonstrate the  excitement  that they have; to endure the elements, not for money or fame, but for the simple love of the sport.