Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday 3/11

This morning we awakened to the worship of God's people filling the air. Sunday school starts at 6:30a.m. at the campus church and they play live worship music through speakers that fill the village with the Gospel. We arrived at the church at 8:00 for the service and although we did not understand the service or the songs, we were filled with joy to see the Haitian people worshiping God and learning from John 10:1-19, where the sermon was preached from. Katrina Graham sang a solo in church. She sang "Redeemer" by Nicole C. Mullen. She did great and the church loved it!

After the church service we headed out on a tour of Port Au Prince. We went to the Palace, where the President used to live. The Palace was destroyed in the earthquake and hasn't been touched since. It is really sad. We were able to see the markets and buy some souveniers. Next we headed back to the airport to see if our 18 totes of supplies had come in and THEY HAD! God provided! All 18 arrived and none had been touched. Three of them had to be searched in Haiti, but none of the supplies were taken, praise the Lord! God answered our prayers! On our way back to Children's Lifeline we stopped at the mass grave site for the 220,000 + people who had lost their lives in the earthquake. It was very touching to see the memorial and hear of all the lives that were lost. Our dental team served 18 staff members today doing around 30 fillings and 7 extractions.
We winded down our night by talking and planning for tomorrow. We prayed for rain in our devotion time and within 30 minutes after our prayer, rain came and continues to come. God is SO good!We are having a great time fellowshiping and serving the Lord here in Haiti. Tomorrow we will be going to a school/orphanage to do skits and serve the children. Pray their hearts are open to the Word of God and we are able to be a witness for Him!

Blog Written By: Patricia Gadomski
Photo Credit: Patricia Gadomski

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  1. I'm so thrilled everything is going well. We continue to pray for all of you each day.

    I must say it's good to see Josh made it. Katrina posted on face book but we never hear from Josh :)

    I had a friend at work (a mom) look at me like I was crazy today when I told her the kids were in Haiti. She said she could never do that. I told her that we were not worried. God is in control. No matter what direction tomorrow goes, remember He is in control!