Friday, March 23, 2012

It happened to Kettma

The rainy season is starting and there are times when the rain comes down so hard I (Michelle) feel like the roof is going to cave in. I only think this, knowing it won't actually happen to us.

However, it happened to Kettma.
[The woman we are doing a micro-finance project with. She was a prostitue but is now selling clothing and attending cosmetology school]
Kettma and her 2 young children live in a home made of tarps. The wood is warped and weak and the heavy rains collected in the tarp. Last night as Kettma and her girls were lying in bed, the wood holding up the tarps collapsed. She barely grabbed her children and made it out of the way in time. Everything she owns is soaking wet- some of it ruined and she lost her "celiing". As you can imagine, she is very distraught and feels hopeless.
I am so ignorant. I have had a sturdy home and roof over my head my entire life and yet there are many here in Haiti who dread the rains because it means their house will flood.

 What would it be like to not have a dry place to escape to in times of the rain?
 What would it be like if I had no where to take my children for dry and safe shelter?
I can't imagine

Kettma and her girls in front of their home- before. 

The rain damage.  
They were lying on the bed when it collapsed.

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