Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday 3/17

It's our last day in Haiti, our last day doing dental, our last day visiting schools, our last day with Lifeline....for now. This was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING trip and I think all of us will be back if God provides the opportunity for us to do so! Lifeline is an AMAZING ministry with many different opportunities. We worked in dental, visited schools and taught them how to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and taught them about God's love using the story of Zacchaeus. Spring, our leader this week, wore so many different hats and literally ran everywhere she went. She was an incredible example of Godly leadership and she was tons of fun! We will miss her and her partners in crime, Janet and Jeremiah, they are all amazing people and we are glad we were able to meet them and spend time getting to now them this week.

Today the dental team finished up students and teachers, then opened up the clinic for walk-in patients. They saw 41 people today and this week they saw 458 people! They completed 458 exams, 201 fillings, 74 extractions, 41 composites, 23 cleanings, and 15 perscriptions. Praise the Lord! The dental team wore themselves out everyday this week and didn't complain even once, they even served with a smile on their face.

The other team walked right outside the compound to a school accross the street. We did 4 presentations for the different classes at the school and then we made our way to the feeding center at the Lifeline school to help the cooks serve the food. It's amazing how God brings you a blessing when you serve His people. I think we can all agree that serving God and His people is the best blessing we can recieve.

This afternoon we headed to the beach! The beach we went to was at a resort in Barbancourt. It was beautiful! It was strange to think that a couple miles away from this resort is poverty. We were able to swim in the ocean and many of us went snorkeling. That was quite the adventure! We were able to swim in the pool also. After we swam under the Haitian sun and had so much fun, we wer able to eat dinner at the resort and order yummy Haitian food. It was a great experience and I'm glad we got to see that part of Haiti, but I think I prefer to be in the village with the beautiful smiling children.

Our day closed with a beautiful sunset and fellowship with our team-members. I will always feel close to these people because we have served God together.

1. that we are able to make it to the airport safely tomorrow and on time
2. we are able to get out of customs and securtiy quickly
3. that our plane ride is smooth and that we can get through the Miami airport safely and quickly
4. that we are able to have a safe drive home to Port Charlottte

See you all on Sunday! Thank you for your love and prayers and God Bless!

Blog written by: Tricia Gadomski
Pictures by: Katrina Graham; Tricia Gadomski

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