Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012 – Update # 8

Today was bittersweet as 7 of the 14 headed home. We left early in the morning to drive to the airport and the 5 of us flying to San Diego were dropped off. Kathy & Gary had an afternoon flight so they stayed with Candice and Michelle in Port for a while. They had to take little Junior back to the orphanage they found him at. Everyone was sad to see him go and Junior was probably the most sad to go back. The girls are hoping that now that the director knows that they will be checking in and there will be some accountability, that he will take better care of the children and make sure they are fed properly.

I haven’t heard from anyone in Haiti since we were dropped off at the airport so I have no idea how that went or what went on with the remainder of the building team there today.

Ryan, myself, James Hawk, Brian Floyd and Cameron Colace are all home now. We got Brian home at 11:55 pm, on the night of his 20th wedding anniversary. When we pulled up to his house it was the cutest thing ever. His wife and two kids were hiding in the front yard waiting for him with silly string. They had decorated luminaries lining the walk-way and had a big “We love you” sign hanging over the front porch. They were so happy to have him home.

I will send another update as soon as I hear from Haiti. The remaining 7 on the team return home Wednesday.

I am so tired from traveling all day, but it sure feels good to be home and it feels great to have had such a productive trip, completely blessed by our wonderful Heavenly Father.

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