Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday 2/22/12

Today we gathered toys, candy and bible verse cards to take to a school party we were attending.  After that Katie and Mike were able to meet their sponsor child and her mom.  They walked to the compound from home; a 15-20 minute walk.  The school we went to was Bapstie Emmanuel.  This is the school we visited eariler in the week and gave them a water treatment system.  They hadn't been in class for about a month.  This party was to bring the students in so Life Line could do updates (height, weight, photo and where they're living) for all the sponsor kids that attend that school.  They kids sang some songs for us and we then lead them in some songs.  The kids and teachers really got into the songs.  They guys performed David and Goliath for the group.  Paul was Goliath, Dave was David, Chad and Mike were lions, Jeff a bear.  Jason narrated Rusty explained the salvation story using a picture cube.  We at luch at the Barbacort Lifeline orphanage buliding site.  After, the guys helped pour some concrete while the ladies walked to a local orphanage to see the kids and hand out some items.  When we arrived at the orphanage, we were saddened to see a girl that had been taken to the hospital the day before back at their church.  She is in kidney failure and the hospital had released her the same day or early morning after admitting her.  Dinner that night was a soup with awesome homemade dumplings.  yum!  Janet (nurse currently here) mentioned the mountain across the way was on fire.  That apparently happens during the dry season.  So ended another eventful day! 


  1. Candice, was the little girl mentioned above the same little girl that was taken to the hospital while we were there on Feb, 13th? - Scott Jones

    1. It is the girl in her early teens there from the mountain with her mother