Monday, September 29, 2014

A Need of All Mankind

Our day began as we worshiped with our Haitian brothers and sisters.  We were thrilled that the orphans from Cabbo came to sing at the village church.  After church,  we painted the waiting area of the medical clinic which turned into a Haitian painting party. I was cutting in, one sweet young man was on the wall rolling paint directly above me and Daniel, a young man whom we have known three years now was painting the ceiling directly over top of me.  As I set here and reflect about what seemed a bit chaotic at the time, I am smiling with tears running down my face.  People all over the world just want to feel like some one cares and feeling important enough to be genuinely needed is extremely important to us all.  Our evening ended as we were able to show love and service to the female missionaries who are currently serving here. I am praying that their time here will be LONG and FRUITFUL.  Tomorrow will be our last full day to complete the work we have come to do on this journey and I think we can all say it has been a wonderful opportunity.  

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